Friday, September 2, 2011

Russian Dolls: Marina's Twitter Zingers!

Apparently, Marina takes her work home with her!  Her argument with Sveta continues after the show. She repeated the same angry remarks she made on the show on her twitter account.  Marina calls Sveta and her husband out as being "pigs" and accuses her of lying and cheating her out of the $2,000, which was the amount they agreed upon for the jewelry show.  In addition, she adds, that Sveta did not bother to tip the waiters who were working that night.  When Marina does get to bed, she can't sleep over what happened.

First of all, this did not happen yesterday, it happened months ago, when they filmed this episode.  Let's consider another scenario.  What if Lifetime producers decided it would be a good idea for Sveta to have a jewelry show at Rasputin so they could film it?  What if all the elements, from the lousy vodka, the open bar and the pigs in blankets, were "staged" so Sveta would have something to complain about?  Michael and Marina are probably under contract with Lifetime and are paid for the use of the restaurant already, as long as it has to do with the show.  Telling Sveta that it would cost extra, because they are opening the restaurant just for her, may not be true at all.  The camera crews were there filming the whole thing in living color.  Everyone does stand to benefit.  Lifetime gets an episode, Sveta gets publicity for her jewelry store, and Rasputin gets more air time.  It's a win-win-win situation.  Then they pretend to be angry about the service and the nit picking over the price tag?  Drama makes for good television.  Too bad I am not buying what they are selling.  Do you think this was "reality" or staged?  I'd love to know.

Picture credit: Marina's Twitter


  1. for the love of god, of course its lightly staged and scripted..WHY WOULD THERE BE "WRITERS" AT THE END OF THE SHOWS CREDITS ?!?!

    ...and for the record the only PIG on the show is MARINA !! my god did you see her ugly pours and heavy makeup ?!!?!? and for the record...RASPUTIN IS NOT THE WORLDS FAMOUS Restaurant !! pleasee !!!! its ALWAYS empty and if its not its full of old Russians, the only time it was amazing was 5 years ago...that was BEFORE Marina and her crooked husband co-owned it and one last thing there are 4 other owners of the restaurant.. PIG MARINA ! is sooooooo ugly onk onk onk 34 ?? she looks like 43 !

  2. Hey Anon I appreciate your comments, but you seem awfully angry with Marina. I think she rubs everyone the wrong way. Her attitude is very unbecoming and unprofessional.

  3. If the show gets canceled and it looks like it will because of the nelson ratings and bad reviews everywere.

    I hope to god she is the pig to blame... as she and her douche-looking husband said "..we will kick jersey shore ratings out of the water , our show is so much better then the The kardashians "

  4. My family is close friends with the past owners of Rasputin, there is more than one owner there is currently 3 owners of the restaurant. Marina is not the only owner of the place, the show is scripted.

  5. ...anyway Marina face if this show for a different reason! Anna or Sveta would be a better ad for this show!!.. Marina need extreme make over and maintanance touch-up... sorry, too much jewerly, make-up , beautiful closet with poor taste to put it together