Friday, September 16, 2011

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 6 New Year, Old Grievances

Well the three young dolls come to blows in this episode, Diana and Anastasia versus Anna! Let’s not forget they were all in Miami last weekend dancing it up.

So Russian New Year’s is coming up and they need to look great so the girls go shopping. It’s the party of the year according to Diana and guess where they are going? Right! To Michael and Marina’s Rasputin! “Be there or be square,” says Diana. Well, consider me square because it’s not my cup of Russian tea and you can quote me on that. If Marina is there, I will not be.

Anastasia and Diana are critical of Anna because her interest consists of talking about her modeling school. So what is wrong with that? She is working and earning a living and trying to become successful in order to help her family. Maybe Anastasia should take a page from her book. By the way, what does Diana do again? Did anyone say? Anyway Anna says that Diana and Anastasia are in their own little worlds and just care about themselves. I happen to agree with her. Anna is a little upset because she has news to share about her school, which is important to her, and the other two just don’t show any interest in that because they have more important things on their minds…shopping and nails.

Oh brother, Marina and Michael talk about the big party at Rasputin and say everyone at Brighton Beach wants to go there to celebrate the New Year. Frankly, I doubt it.

Diana and Anastasia are back home. Diana says that Eva is a fortune teller and she is curious to see what the future has in store for her (can the writers please do better than this?) Anyway, Diana is looking for insight and guidance as to what direction she should be going in. However, Anastasia is terrified of tarot cards and is not going to have her fortune told. She doesn’t want to jinx her future and feels like the devil is going to pop out of those cards. But, she agrees to accompany Diana. Guess who else is coming? Anna. However, Diana seems to have just thought of the idea and told Anastasia, so how would Anna have known? They talk about Anna being self absorbed and fail to see this trait in themselves.

We go to Marina’s house (sigh). This is where Eva is performing the fortune telling with tarot cards. In come Diana, Anastasia and Anna. Anna doesn’t believe in it! So why is she even there with two girls she doesn’t like? Eva is using her mother’s tarot cards. Her mother was also a fortune teller. Anna takes a card. A friendship card. Eva says this is just not important. Eva says Anna doesn’t depend on anybody. More important is the business. Eva says that in the future Anna is the one who will help herself. On to Diana. Her card is mostly about relationship. The card shows she is thinking of two men. And deep in her heart there is something about a woman she is scared of or doesn’t like. Diana translates this reading into the two guys are Eddie and Albert and Anna is the girl she doesn’t care for. Really Diana? Is this the best you can do? Anna did not that that comment well, and really, who would? A fight breaks out between the three of them. The other two think Anna doesn’t value friendship. They leave and Eva has no clue why they started arguing.

Marina’s house. Eva is telling Marina and Michael that there was fighting and screaming and it was so disrespectful! Marina is horrified (excuse me while I laugh! Since when is she a model of behavior?). Marina takes it personally and she doesn’t like conflict! Now she is worried they will misbehave at Russian New Year’s at Rasputin.

Anastasia and Diana bring goodies over to Marina and apologize for the fight that they had there with Anna. Marina takes a big bite of their cake while the girls complain about Anna. Geez, Marina is going at that cake like it’s her last meal! She takes several bites at a time. I am too distracted to listen to the girls whine about Anna. Then Marina takes a break from the cake to tell them they have to behave at Rasputin, it’s a VIP night.

Anastasia and Diana get ready for Russian New Year. They invited Eddie to come over tha toast to the New Year. Then we go to Albert’s house! And guess who pops in? Anna! He has cocktails already waiting. Anna says, “Guess what I did last night?” The girls tell Eddie about their fight with Anna and Anna tells Albert about her fight with the girls.

At Russian New Year you write your resolution on a piece of paper and burn it, put it in your cocktail and drink it. Anna wants her business to take off so she can provide for her loved ones. Albert wants his hair to grow back. Eddie’s is healthy commitment. Diana’s is to have a good family and love money and success. Anastasia’s to have money, be successful to have happy parents, finish law school and be happy with Vlad.

The part at Rasputin. Anna comes in and says hello to everyone but Diana. They are all sitting at the same table. Even though there is tension, Diana is the one making comments about Anna. Diana has provoked Anna and now everyone is uncomfortable. They raise their voices and Michael gets up to go over and tell them to keep it down. Anastasia calls Anna a “Russian Hillbilly, loud, obnoxious, rude and full of drama.” Gee that describes most of the women on the show including Anastasia and Diana. Anna leaves the dinner table to go to the ladies room, where the other two have already gone to talk behind her back. Anna confronts Anastasia about the hillbilly remark. They get into a shouting match in the ladies room. Anna goes back to talk to Eddie and then Diana intrudes into their conversation. Now they are arguing in the restaurant. Marina is trying to quiet them down. But it doesn’t work, so they ask Anastasia and Diana to leave and Diana is pissed. She had to spend her New Year’s in the parking lot!

This whole episode was boring and the arguments were fabricated out of think air just to create an episode. How is this reality? It’s not.


  1. It seems like in their misguided little minds these people believe that with all this "exciting" drama they're making great tv. They don't realize that greatness comes from spontaneity and genuine reactions to each other not this lame ass contrived and phony staged "drama"

  2. Does anyone know who the designer of diana's dress is??? The one in the picture at the top of the page? Really appreciate it

  3. I would ask her via facebook or twitter to get an answer on that question.
    or on twitter: @DianaKosov