Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Russian Dolls: Svetlana's New Necklace Collection!

Svetlana Rakhman didn't get any new business from her Jewelry party at Rasputin and we still don't know if she paid the bill or did Lifetime pay it just so they could add a scene to their show.  Nevetheless, Sveta figured out a way to use her appearance on the show and her own business to create a "new" necklace jewelry line of little Russian Dolls.  Basically she just took the already very popular Russian nesting doll and put it on a chain to wear around your neck (see picture above).  And WOW! check out the price tags here at Sveta's site $349 and $649?  A little piece of Russian history and tradition is getting very expensive!  They aren't even on gold chains, they are on silver chains and here is the description:

A Russian Dolls by Svetlana set consists of a trio of nested dolls and
a matching silver chain. Wear the trio of pendants in one or separately
on one chain. Each doll is handmade with a silver body and enamel face
and belly. The diamond, sapphire or birthstone eyes and belly not only
sparkle, but also hint at the additional treasures inside.

I don't know about you, but I think I could get something similar and a lot cheaper online, if I wanted to wear one.  But who knows, maybe she can get a super star to help promote them?  Then they might start flying off the shelves!

P.S. I hope to see Sveta pitted against Marina one more time before the season ends.  Finally someone who knows how to put Marina in her place!

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  1. Ohh please....... my eyes can't roll enought back to my skull ! ..Such B.s milking the NO CASH cow of this boring show.

  2. They are trying to profit every which way on this dismal failure of a show.