Thursday, September 1, 2011

Russian Dolls: Diana Most Popular Doll!

I was starting to get depressed over how few hits our blog was getting today when all of a sudden there was a tremendous spike!  We checked our statistics to see why.  The past two days we were under 200 hits for the entire day, but today we have, so far, over 1300 hits.  The reason?  Diana Kosov.  Today, her blog moved into our #1 spot for most popular blog and it has gotten 916 hits today alone!  People are interested in Diana and are googling her to know more about her. 

I think this development is fascinating.  She was hardly on the last episode at all and the preview clip for this week doesn't seem to indicate she has a large role.  Diana has sparked some interest in the public and her blog has an all time stat of 1,042 hits vs 607 hits for Marina's NBC interview. 

Congratulations Diana!  If this trend keeps up perhaps it will lead to bigger and better things in your future.  For right now, at least, you are the #1 Russian Doll!

Picture credit: Associated Press

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  1. I enjoy the show very much. As a American married to a ukranian man it shows a lot of insite into what russian men want in a woman. I hope that they are able to come back on aire.