Thursday, September 22, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eddie’s Dream Crushed?

I get the impression that Eddie Zee doesn’t keep secrets. I could be wrong, but I am basing this on two tweets he recently made, so judge for yourself:

Eddie Zee I'm starting my own reality show, who's in?

Eddie Zee Time for a new reality show.. brainstorming!

What can those tweets mean? Well I think they mean that Lifetime is NOT going to be doing a season two of Russian Dolls. I would be surprised if they aired the rest of the 12 episodes at this point. Tonight’s episode will be number seven ,called “Cold Wars.” How original!

Eddie Zee had dreams when he was cast on the show. Instead of being himself, he aspired to be a copycat of “The Situation” from Jersey Shore. He failed at that. Soon he will be just another reality show castoff, with his fifteen minutes of fame.

And Anastasia? She will need to get a job to pay for her hair extensions, tans, and clothes not to mention her student loans which are accruing interest as we type. And Diana? She needs to go find herself a rich Mr. Right asap. Of course, Diana won’t starve, she will always have her mother’s borst.

Picture credit: Eddie Zee's Facebook


  1. NEXT!...... come on nobody cares about this goof-ball or anything he says or does.. please move on..

    In more important news, Lifetime will air the rest of the 6 episodes as a special on October 7!!! talk about just getting the AXE!..getting rid of everything in one shot ! LMAOF.

    it just goes to show you that they had no hope in this useless poor choice of a casting for this show.. the only thing im going to miss about this ...... IS YOUR AMAZING ENJOYABLE AND ENTERTINAMENT REVIEW(s) WEBSITE ! that's the ONLY thing I will miss, your summary is more entertainment then the episodes themselfs thank YOU for everything :)

  2. Anonymous thank you and I am glad you enjoyed my reviews. I was hoping for the best when the show started so I could keep it going. However, even early on, one could see there was no future in it. I will look around for other shows to take on.