Monday, September 19, 2011

Russian Dolls: How To Eat Cake!

Emily Post wrote her book of Etiquette back in the 1920's and it has been used over the years by socialites and upper class individuals, in our country and elsewhere, as the rule book of manners.  I hate to keep harping on this point, but Marina brought it upon herself, by insisting she is a member of the "elite" because of her jewels and clothing, money and house.  I am going to repeat myself and say once again she exhibits no sign of "class and grace."  It takes more than "things" to make one "classy" and one thing money cannot buy is class.

So I happen to come across a college student who has read Emily Post and she writes tips for her fellow students to follow.  I am quoting her instead of Emily Post to show that even a college student knows the proper rules of dining.  This is what she said:

Don’t eat like a barbarian.
“Eating is inherently gross,” says Post. “It’s taking something, mushing it up, getting your saliva into it and swallowing it down.” But eating, like many other bodily functions, is necessary. And, so that we don’t gross everyone out when we do it, we have table manners. Here are the basics: chew with your mouth closed, swallow before speaking, don’t smack your food and try not to lean into your plate and shovel in the food (even if you’re really hungry, the dining hall is not a barn and you are not a pig). As far as little intricacies of dining etiquette are concerned, Post says, “even Emily Post—she didn’t care what fork you used, she cared that you used a fork.” 

Now, let's take a look at Marina's picture again. 

I think she is breaking all the basic rules at once, and on television!  She didn't use a fork.  She was talking with her mouth full. And she definitely leaned into her plate and shoved the food in.  I have to hope someone picks her up a copy of Emily Post's book for Christmas.  I would hate for her to make this kind of "faux-pas" while dining with the rich and famous!

Picture Credit: Lifetime,, Emily Post


  1. Lost my appetite with that scene!

  2. Well I guess we will never see Marina in a bikini!

  3. I think the show is fun to watch, Marina's husband seems awesome (except for last episode's deception which sucked), Marina is lolsy to watch (not someone I'd get along with). She & Sveta are no-no's.

  4. I must add though, despite the fact that I dislike Marina, I think she is well off enough to eat & enjoy her food however she likes (within reason) & how she ate during the episode was within reason!

  5. Anon, you are of course entitled to your opinion, but two big bites back to back and talking with her mouth full is not acceptable in socialite circles. It would be considered "gauche." The only reason I bring it up is because she likes to consider herself high class but she doesn't conduct herself that way.