Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Russian Dolls: Where Will They Go From Here?

Michael and son, Zev

Some of the cast will obviously go back to what they were doing before Russian Dolls hit the air waves.  Renata has a long career in radio and her own business ventures, as well as, hosting parties.  Anna is a model and has her own school to run.  Svetlana and her husband run their jewelry store.  And then there's Michael and Marina, who co-own Rasputin with other owners (we have been told in comments). 

Michael has been promoting Rasputin and Russian Dolls every chance he gets.  However, with the demise of the show, he has switched back to promoting his law firm, levitis law and his status on facebook reads: "I am pleased to announce my law office now provides debt settlement of 2nd mortgages/home equities and student loans, in addition to credit card debt settlement."

I thought he was going to lose his license to practice law after his legal trouble earlier this year with State Senator Carl Kruger.  You may recall an earlier blog where he pleaded guilty for his role in a scheme uncovered by the FBI.  Levitis was snetenced to three years probation and a $15,000 fine.  Maybe he will keep his license afterall.  However, it does make me question his and his firm's ethics in handling legal matters.

Maybe there is more drama behind the scenes of the Russian Dolls than there is on camera?  What do you think? 

Picture credit: Nikolai Komissarov


  1. Time for season two with different cast members. Hope the last time we here any of these people is from our nightmares.

  2. Nina, most of them also have regular day jobs that the show never bothered to mention. I guess because it is not glamorous enough. Diana works in a store. I think Anastasia works for a medical office. Sveta works for a bank, while her husband runs the jewelry store. Renata works for a large hotel. Albert - for medical billing company. Boris works for auto dealership. No clue what Eddie does:-)

  3. Thank Anon, I was wondering about that, but the show didn't think that was relevant. It seems as though they tried to portray everyone in the worst possible light, except for a chosen few. That's the trouble with "reality" tv, they only create one dimensional characters full of drama to arouse negative emotions. I think the show might have done better with a different tact.

  4. As to the other Anon, I seriously doubt there will be a season two after this dismal failure. They made too many mistakes with this one and a new cast isn't going to fix the problems.

  5. I think all the women on the show are pure fake that is not how real Russians act or live in Brooklyn or else where. I felt sick to my stomach the way they acted on tv and Michael and Marina did the show to promote Rasputin as if the advertisements on russian chanels arent enough.

  6. I second that to the second season with a new cast, the producers should come to Baltimore, MD where 65% of Russians reside and let the world see how real Russians struggle day to day to make ends meet and how they treat family and friends not to mention the real truth behind being a respectful business owner and human being and that not all Russians are a bunch of rude disrespectful gold digging drunks.