Sunday, September 4, 2011

Russian Dolls: Renata Krumer's Facebook Page

I just discovered Renata's Facebook Page.  As you would expect, her page suits her personality.  She has inspirational quotes of hers there, which gives us something to think about.  She includes things that are happening in the show and with the cast.  Video clips, interviews, pictures. 

Renata does not fit the Russian stereotype that the community was complaining about.  I have watched four episodes and it's impossible to say anything bad about her.  She has a sweet personality.  She is loving towards her husband and friends, she has compassion, and she listens when people talk.  She is always dressed in good taste and exemplifies the word class.  It is obvious that she is not just the founder and CEO of Outstanding You, she also lives what she teaches.  Unfortunately, none of her cast mates have signed up for lessons. 

Bravo Renata!  If Brighton Beach was an oyster, you would be the pearl!

Picture Credit: Renata's Facebook Page

Renata's Facebook Page


  1. I love you Renata! You, as always are charming and in a serial too! G.N.

  2. Looks or personality? That is the question in the fifth episode. I am glad to see the young guys talking about women's looks but then suddenly and with much greater passion, "...a nice personality really gets the guy!" Yes, naturally men are drawn to looks first, but if there is no personality and confidence, they are turned off. I think that Renata Krumer of the show is being very real and brave facing her concerns and imperfections before the camera.

    After all women are NOT DOLLS, whether they are Russian or not!

    She is very affirmative in making her OWN decisions about her appearance and presents it to her husband in a very feminine, sexy but confident way. I am glad that there are more and more celebrities away from the reality shows that display their real faces without make up, and this way just letting the world know that it is OK not to be not so perfect but rather human. Again, women are NOT DOLLS, just pay attention!