Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Russian Dolls: Materialistic Beyond Words!

Here we go again!  I barely wake up and check my emails and then see what's new on Russian Dolls to blog about.  It's been a long weekend with not much happening.  Somehow I know that if I check Marina's twitter she will have tweeted something to get a rise out of me, and she has.  So I copied it here for everyone else to see before I express my two cents.

I have never seen anyone as materialistic as Marina Levitis.  This trait is very unappealing to say the least.  She tweets that she loves Kim k's engagement ring and then leaps to the idea that hers needs "upgrading" because soon she will be married 15 years.  I don't know about you, but there seems to be something lacking here.  I think most women have some sentimentality attached to the ring they were given by their husbands in contemplation of marriage.  So what if the stone is smaller than what you can afford today, it was the best he could do at the time.  It's the ring that you received when you accepted his proposal. It's supposed to be special and have some emotional attachment to it.  But, not for Marina.  It's always all about bigger and better and outdoing someone else.  It's sickening.

It's not like she doesn't have tons of jewelry already.  She probably has more than she can wear.  It's all about amassing gems and bragging about what you have and flaunting it as much as possible.  It's not about the memory of when you got the jewelry or the moment it represents in your life for her.  Every occasion is another excuse to buy more jewelry. 

When I look at my jewelry, it's like looking at a photo album.  Every piece, except the ones I purchased for myself, represents an occasion and a special person in my life.  I look at my engagement ring and remember the day my husband proposed.  I look at my wedding band and remember our vows.  I look at the diamond tennis bracelet and know it was for our 20th anniversary.  I have a set of birthstone earrings and pendant that my husband gave me on my 40th birthday.  I would never dream of "upgrading" any of my memories for new and improved items.  That, to me is crass and tasteless.  And in the end, that is exactly the impression and message that Marina sends out.

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  1. she's ugly...her hair is burt and terrible...she needs to spend some money on hair extensions and not so much gaudy jewelry