Monday, September 26, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eddie Zee's Poetry4Hire

Bet you didn't know it, but Eddie's a poet!

I came across Eddie Zee's poetry blog on his Facebook page and decided to have a look at his "work."  Eddie does not strike me as a poet.  Poets are typically sensitive and in touch with their feelings.  They are creative and articulate.  They have a masterful command of the English language and and skillfully use words to paint verbal portraits.  And from what I have heard from Eddie, a poet is the past thing I would have called him. 

Now forgive me if I am harsh in this blog.  I have been reading several of Eddie's "poems" and have a bit of a headache.  Let me give a little background first.  Eddie started this poetry blog back in 2008, so it's been up for four years now.  In all he has posted 38 times in over 1300 days.  I think he must get writer's block often, but I think that may be a blessing, after reading his work.  This year Eddie has written eight pieces and they ended April 1st.  Let me give you a few excerpts of what I have read:

From the piece entitled: who is the next Marilyn Monroe?

" A combination of looks and wit with a fragrance of deception, is what escorted women to their survival. So who’s to be named the next Marilyn Monroe? Who’s sex will invade into a position of power without exploiting it all? Is it the Maxmin top 100 that will direct our attention towards choosing the next hot babe, or is it a concoction of strategic planning and blonde hair and blue eyes? Neither, it’s the moment when women separate themselves from girls to reclaim what they want."

From the piece entitled: I have Writer's block:

"I have writers block. Consistent thoughts merged with ideas and formulas within inches of a solution. I have writers block. A cancer with no antidote, searching for false hope, but at least my breath is inhaling and exhaling. The ingredients to a well prepared dish without patient’s, leads to chaos. It all leads to jotting down useless sentences about corporate entities, basketball players, rappers, and this A.D.H.D. "

Finally, from In her own world:

" I would trade in the creation of Microsoft and Google for a kiss from a woman’s lips if ever molecules became instinct."

Ok that is a sampling of his work.  I've read a lot of prose and poetry in my lifetime, to say this is unique is an understatement.  The kindest thing I can suggest to Eddie is this, if you really have a desire to write, please take a couple of writing classes asap.  Now that the show is cancelled you have the time to do just that.  Your writing, in my opinion, lacks clarity to the point of being incomprehensible.  It's almost like a string of unrelated words, picked out of a thesaurus, strung together like a necklace, to make sentences that are gibberish. 

Picture credit: Eddie's Facebook


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