Thursday, September 1, 2011

Russian Dolls: Cindy Adams + Two Dolls

Equals an interesting conversation! Too bad one of the “dolls” is Marina. In an interview over tea, Cindy talks with Renata and Marina from Russian Dolls. Renata, always very ladylike, is in sharp contrast to the ever obnoxious and complaining Marina. Renata explains how the community of Brighton Beach became populated with Russian immigrants, much like many of the neighborhoods in NYC. New York City is known for its ethnic communities where immigrants stick together and try to keep their customs and traditions from their native countries alive.

Marina tries to justify her own obnoxiousness by saying it’s a trait of all Russian women who were being treated like second class citizens in Russia and are now asserting themselves. However, Renata, who is also from Russia never displays this trait, instead she manages to remain pleasant and conduct herself professionally and with class. Marina takes credit for supplying the show with all its cast members, except one, who she hates. Now that’s a big surprise! She claims her husband talked her into doing the show because it would be good for business (INSERT EYE ROLL!) I do not believe that for one second. In the end of the interview, Marina seizes one last opportunity to “zing” Sveta. Frankly, I cannot wait for the episode to air, so I can see who behaved the worst. Shall we take bets?

Cindy notes that when Marina gets off her chair she leaves gold dust behind…read the article to see where she thinks it came from!

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Article: NY Post Cindy Adams

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