Sunday, September 11, 2011

Russian Dolls: Sneak Peek Episode 6

We just learned that these three Russian Dolls spent the weekend dancing it up in Miami at The Set and yet here in episode 6 they are at each others' throats.  Yes, a fight breaks out between Anna and the other two,  Diana and Anastasia.  Apparently, it happens at Rasputin so Marina gets in her two cents.  Anna says, "But these two morons , they just want to fight, so I'll give it to them."  More drama, but is it real???  You decide.  As far as I am concerned, this is scripted.

Picture and video credit: Lifetime


  1. lol, you have got to be kidding me right ?!?!..everybody and there grandmothers already know that its scripted ...why are there writers credit at the end of each episode ??.. come on, check out the ratings for last week show only 210,000 people tuned in !!!!

    LOLOL that's like on life-support and givin any moment lifetime will pull the plug on. These women are boring, poor choice in casting, editing and NO STRUCTURE..we go from one episode to the next without ever mentioning what happen on the last episode.. that's just plain STUPID and just not interesting to watch anymore.

  2. To be quite honest, this show does suck. I'd personally like to see what's going on with Sveta because it seems like she disappeared completely after that jewelry show bit. Yet I'm still watching it because now I just have to.

    But at the same time, it's too stupid to be scripted. I know the BB crowd, there really are a specific group of people like that. And while it's a horrendous portrayal of the general Russian people, it exemplifies /those/ people quite well. Drama, drama, drama. However, this drama isn't interesting to watch nor listen to gossip about. It's lame.

    If it were scripted, there would be a love triangle, or something -- you know, actual logic behind some of the fights. This whole Tarot card thing with Diana and 2 guys? Is that a hint at a love interest? We haven't seen Albert for more than 3 minutes total. And Eddie hasn't said anything about Vlad lately either.

    It's very poorly edited, I wish they had resolutions and lastly, I hope the best for the participants of this show because some are awfully portrayed and that's exactly how the world will see them.

  3. When I say scripted, I don't mean they write storylines and actual dialogue or the show should be much better. I mean they create scenarios, and not very good ones, for the cast to interact with each other. For instance, the tarot reading so the girls could fight (they probably told them to) and that would set up the hostility for the Russian New Year Party. Frankly, I was delighted to see Marina gulping down that piece of cake! It was hysterical and I hope more viewers took notice of how gluttonous she looked!

  4. I love, love "I was delighted to see Marina gulping down that piece of cake! It was hysterical and I hope more viewers took notice of how gluttonous she looked! " ..Amen Sister !

    Did you see that Pig on the TODAY SHOW ?!?!!? why, why, why do they keep putting her the public eye, shes a fat, ugly CONCEDED, Self-attention, no class, no taste, 34 years old that looks 43 year old PIG !..and her voice can wake up the dead !!! I know some people that work in lifetime do read this blog so I'm hopping someone on the inside ( and you know who you are :) is please stop putting her face on these promotional ads for the show !!! and her husband is a goof-ball plus there restaurant is ALWAYS empty on the weekends and its usually packed with older, older crowds (50's/60's). The food is all water down because of the new chief and because four-eyed Michal thinks the restaurant is now on tv, this douche-bag raised his prices by 20% !

    ...and we do know why..... to feed his PIG WIFE Marina.. god her voice still hunts my soul.

  5. No I didn't see her on the Today Show but if I find a clip I will certainly blog about it. Lifetime isn't doing themselves any favors using her so much to promote the show, they have much better choices in the cast that might actually attract viewers instead of repel them!

  6. I agreed! There are more beautiful girls was involved in this show.Younger one should be the face of this show! Marina a little too heavy and no taste to dress just a wrong look to advertise!!..... Someone hopefully read this feedback and will take an action, othewise this is joke!