Friday, July 29, 2011

Russian Dolls: Lifetime’s Russian Dolls Promo

Lifetime gives us a 30 second clip of a promo for their new show, Russian Dolls, which premieres on August 11th at 10:30 PM ET. I watched the clip several times. It’s more of a montage of pictures than a video. Too much footage in too little time. I still cannot figure out what message they are trying to send, but this is the message I got: There will be pretty girls, some older people, lots of accents, physical brawls, lots of food, a provocative scene of a young couple in bed and some “ethnic bias” as one girl says to a guy she can’t be with him if he is not Russian. That’s a lot for 30 seconds.

I am disappointed, but I am not a television executive either. Maybe they know what they are doing. But, in my opinion, a two minute clip of a glimpse at four scenes, might have been more telling. If you are going to only release 30 seconds, stick to one scene that gives the viewer a taste of what they can expect.

The other issue I have is their time slot. Some genius decided to put this show on opposite the second half hour of the new season of Jersey Shore! That is the last place on the schedule where I would have put it. Jersey Shore has a huge following, that’s why Lifetime decided to “imitate” it. I assume they are trying to get the Jersey Shore audience interested in watching? Well, if that’s true, someone explain to me why a Jersey Shore fan is going to change channels, half way through their show, to try out a new and similar knock off show, when they are watching the real deal? I think Lifetime is shooting themselves in the foot with that decision. But, then again, what do I know, I am not a television producer.

Watch the promo and tell us what you think? Do we have a hit on our hands? Can Russian Dolls compete with Jersey Shore?

Picture and video credit: Lifetime


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