Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jersey Shore: Episode 1 Sneak Peek

We're just days away from the new season of the Jersey Shore in Italy, which premieres this Thursday night. The extended trailer MTV released promises that this season will have more fights, more hook ups... more of the same.

Now, we already know that the city of Florence forbade the cast from drinking in public, as well as in local bars and clubs. But this sneak peek of episode 1 shows that we can expect even more differences this season, starting with the Ron-Ron juice.

So besides the lack of vodka, what other mishaps can we expect on this Italian vacation? Well, for one, it seems tanning and nail salons in Italy require you to schedule an appointment weeks in advance. That will make GTL a bit harder, so perhaps the guys won't look quite so fresh to death.

It also seems the roommates weren't aware about the voltage difference in Italy, which means that Pauly D might have trouble with his blow out, and Sammi won't be able to straighten her already straight hair. The horror!

We might be in for a good season, but most people think the cast is at their best back in Seaside. Guess we'll find out JERZDAY.

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