Friday, November 25, 2011

Russian Dolls: Picked Up In Australia!

I noticed that both Michael Levitis and Eddie Zee were notifying their adoring public that Russian Dolls was being picked up by Nippon TV in Japan.  My first thoughts…how is that possible.  Japan?  Of all the places on earth, that is the last place I would have guessed would be interested in Russian Dolls.  

I immediately thought, the Japanese revere their elderly parents.  How in the world is the way Marina treats Eva going to go over in Japan?  They would be horrified to say the least.  The more I thought about it the more preposterous it seemed to be.  So I clicked on the article that Michael posted to see it with my own eyes.  I was right!  They are not being picked up by Japan at all.  This man, with a law degree who is part owner of a large restaurant, has not read the article at all and jumped to conclusions.  The article mentions several countries and the different shows they are picking up.  Japan is picking up some shows, but NOT Russian Dolls.

Relevant part of article: Australia’s Nine Network picked up Picker Sisters; Lifestyle and Lifestyle You acquired Glamour BellesDance Moms and Russian Dolls; and Sci-Fi/TV1 General Entertainment took The Captains of the Final Frontier.

I’ll tell you who is picking up Russian Dolls…Australia.  Yes, Lifetime and Lifetime YOU in Australia is picking up the show.  Don’t ask me why, but it makes more sense, doesn’t it?  I will post the links to two articles and you can see for yourself.  Maybe I read it wrong, but I don’t think so.  I hope Michael reads the fine print in his contracts better than he read this article.

So no, Russian Dolls will not be going to Japan any time soon.  Let’s see how well received they are in Australia.  I am very curious!

Links to articles: Article one  and  Article two


  1. It's just been announced they are also premiering in Canada: 11/23/2011
    CosmoTV Premieres Three New Reality Series in January; Russian Dolls, Nail Files and All on the Line

    (Toronto, Canada) This January Corus Entertainment 's CosmoTV adds a fashion powerhouse, a self-proclaimed "Queen of Nails” and a strong-willed Russian-American community to the Monday night schedule with three new reality series. On Monday, January 2 , All on the Line premieres at 8 p.m. ET , followed by the premieres of Nail Files at 9 p.m. ET and Russian Dolls at 9:30 p.m. ET .

  2. Another major news item (insert humor here:-) is that Marina participated in 20 minute show called Business Club on Russian NTV channel. It was the same NTV that trashed her about a month ago. Except Business Club is really a local infomercial show aired by local branch of NTV called NTV America. It is only shown here iin the U.S. Marina was promoting Rasputin, what else is new:-) Then, with her typical modesty, she congratulates herself on Twitter: "The phone is ringing off the hook after my show! Good job!" LOL. Of course she did a good job on the show where she paid for participation:-)

  3. Anon, they are good at self promotion, but the show did them no favors in my opinion. They thought the show was going to attract people to the restaurant and open doors to them in other fields, like entertainment. I happen to feel it had the opposite effect.

  4. I find the new Russian series very interesting and I hope it does well. Being one of the main cast members from Russian Dolls I feel the russian community deserves to see another side of the Russian people. Yes, there is a lot more to Russians then the flirtatious acts of Anna Kay or the crazy abs and charm of Eddie Zee (Facebook), we as Russians have many things to offer. So to those that are at the edge of their seats holding on tight to their BORSH, get ready cause the Russians are coming!

    "Russian's are the new trend, wear us like clothing" - Eddie Zee

    Eddie Zee

  5. Eddie, as a cast member, you would find it interesting, that is a self serving statement to make. In my opinion, the show did nothing for the Russians or it's community except to show them in a bad light. You, for example, exhibited the traits of being an egotist, self absorbed and a male chauvinist. These traits, believe it or not, are not flattering or endearing. You promote yourself as the next "Situation" which you are not. There is more to being successful than having "abs."