Saturday, November 12, 2011

Russian Dolls: Marina Never Looked Better

The world pretty much knows that I am not a Marina "fan" and my guilty pleasure has been to take pot shots at her whenever the opportunity has presented itself...and she has given me plenty of opportunities.  But today, as I look at Michael's facebook page and the picture he posted of Marina, I have to say she has never looked better.  Maybe all those tweets about going to the gym and doing zumba classes for her brother's wedding paid off?  She does look like she lost some weight.  She says this is her fall "look."  I think it agrees with her.  The darker colors are very complimentary as is her new hair color.  Now all kidding aside, and try to be objective, don't you think this is a new and improved look for Marina?   

1 comment:

  1. meh. marina was never an ugly woman. she was maybe a 4.5. now maybe a 5... with enough gym she could maybe work her way up to 5.5. she is never going to be beautiful. but the reason why we all thought she was ugly was that shrill voice, that me me me mentality, that inability to relate to other people. what made her ugly was the inside, not the outside. going to the gym is nice, but if she truly wants to be attractive she needs to work on her inner world.